Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right{law} to revoke this contract within fourteen days without information{service} of reasons{grounds}. The cancellation term amounts to fourteen days from the day in which the customer or one third party named by him{it}, is not the Beförderer which has taken the last product{ware} in possession.

To exercise{carry out} his{its} cancellation legal, the customer must us (table tennis-on-line distribution, Meerdorfer Str.12,31224 Peine, Germany, Tel. +49 (0)5171/82237 - e-mail: sportartikelvertrieb@t-online.de) by means of an unequivocal explanation{statement} (e.g., a letter dispatched by post{mail}, or e-mail) inform about his{its} decision to revoke this contract. The customer can use the pattern-cancellation form added below{at the bottom} for it{in return} which is not prescribed, nevertheless.

For the protection of the cancellation term it is sufficient that the customer sends{sends off} the communication about the exercise of the cancellation legal before the cancellation term.

Results{Successions} of the cancellation

If the customer revokes this contract, we have to him{it} all payments which we have received from him{it}, including the delivery expenses (with the exception of the additional costs{expenses} which arise{surrender} from the fact that he has chosen{elected} another kind{way} of the delivery than which from us given{declared}, most favorable standard delivery) to pay back immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day in which the communication about his{its} cancellation of this contract has come with us. For the repayment we use the same currency which the customer has used with the original transaction, unless, with him{it} something else{different} was expressly arranged; in no case remunerations are calculated{charged} for the customer because of this repayment. We can refuse the repayment, until we have got back the goods{commodities} again or to the customer to us the proof has produced that he has sent back the goods{commodities}, depending on if which is the earlier time.

The customer has the goods{commodities} immediately and, in any case, at the latest within fourteen days from the day in which he informs{teaches} us about the cancellation of this contract to send back to us or to hand over. The term is protected{upholded} if the customer sends{sends off} the goods{commodities} before the term of fourteen days.

We carry the immediate costs{expenses} of the return of the goods{commodities}, provided that the product{ware}

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