Terms and Conditions

Terms of delivery and payment conditions (for consumers and associations)

1. In our business dealings{traffic} count{apply} exclusively the following general terms of business. Divergent, standing in the way or complementary general terms of business of the customer become, also in case of our knowledge, contract component, unless, we would not have expressly agreed to her{their} validity. On our business connections with enterprisers (§14 Civil Code) our payment conditions and terms of delivery (trader) find application. The contract language is a German.

2. The representation of the products in ours (On-line) shop is no juridically binding offer{supply}, but shows only one non-binding{non-committal} (On-line) to catalog. By clicking the final order badge („ order{appoint} payment-liable “) in the order process (or by an order by Fax/Post/Telefon) the customer gives an obliging{binding} order in the goods basket contained (or in the fax / to the post{mail} / to the telephone call performed{listed}) had come off. With order by e-mail the customer receives an order confirmation. This confirmation of the entrance of the order still shows no contract acceptance. Only with the delivery of the product{ware} we accept{assume} the order. Therefore, only in it there lies the contract end. It is in our free judgement to accept{assume} orders or to decline{refuse}.

3. Deliveries in the foreign country{the abroad} occur only by precash{precheckout}, by credit card or PayPal. We reserve ourselves not to offer certain payment kinds in the isolated case. By the 8/1/2014 come into force new SEPA-number procedure. Through this changes can arise{surrender} with the offered number kinds.

4. Consumers for the purposes of §13 Civil Code have the right{law} to revoke her{their} contract explanation in accordance with at the end of these terms of delivery and payment conditions located{contained} cancellation instruction. This does not count{apply} with distant sales contracts for the delivery of goods{commodities} which have been made{manufactured} after customer specification or are cut unambiguously on the personal needs{wants} of the customers.

5. We point out to the fact that order discounts are claimed back or are corrected if the consumer reaches{arrives} the order worth necessary for an order discount after a return (after cancellation) no more! Should the necessary order worth be reached{arrived} by a return no more, table tennis-on-line distribution can claim back the special additions which are attached to a least turnover or calculate{charge} completely.

6. If the customer of his{its} does{makes} being entitled Cancellation legal use{employment} to him{it} as a consumer, we carry the costs{expenses} of the return of the goods{commodities}, provided that the product{ware} is sent back on account of your state normally by post{mail}. With the goods{commodities} which cannot be sent back on account of her{their} state normally by post{mail} counts{applies}: the customer carries the immediate costs{expenses} of the return of the goods{commodities}; the costs{expenses} are estimated{guessed} at most about 90.-EUR (e.g., TT table, collection from Munich).

7. All articles are delivered{supplied} from a bill worth of 75.00 EUR within Germany postpaid and free of packaging. To 74.99 EUR of bill worth a postage-all-inclusive of 5,49 EUR is calculated{charged}. We name express train costs and their{her} subsequent costs on inquiry. Take forwarding expenses and postage costs for foreign deliveries, please, from the order infos under dispatch and costs{expenses} in the on-line shop.

If the original bill worth diminishes by the fact that the customer makes use of his{its} cancellation legal all or part, the forwarding expenses are directed after the goods worth really acquired by him{it}. Example: a consumer in Germany orders{appoints} two articles to a whole bill worth of 100.00 EUR. From this he recants concerning an article with a value of 60.00 EUR. Then the really acquired goods worth amounts only to 40.00 EUR, so that the customer has to carry forwarding expenses at the rate of 5,49 EUR which are postloaded to him{it}.

8. It are worth the prices of the catalogs valid in each case at the time of the order or topical{actual} special price-lists or the on-line offer, within the EU incl. for the valid value added tax which is expelled{deported} separately. The contract is closed{concluded} by the sending of the product{ware} legally.

9. The delivery occurs at the latest within 5 working days after incoming orders. By delays of delivery you are immediately informed.

For expressly as such booked and delivered{supplied} choice or test broadcastings counts{applies}:

Choice and test broadcastings are basically calculated{charged} by us. This counts{applies} to the delivered{supplied} parts{sections}, perhaps, routine test fees and also to the attached back end Freeway sticker. However, the payment gets due only after 30 days. If the customer sends back the choice or test broadcasting within 30 days, the purchase price of the calculated{planned} parts{sections} is credited to him{it} again. Only for the case that the customer does not send back the choice or test broadcasting within 30 days a final bill of sale comes about. Nevertheless, the test contract already comes about with acceptance of the choice or test ending requirement by us. If the customer concludes{closes} a contract of at least 100.00 EUR of bill worth concerning to him{it} to the select / testing to sent parts{sections} after check{test} of the choice or test broadcasting, the test fee is also credited to him{it}. The calculated{planned} postage interest of the return (Freeway sticker) must be paid anyway by the customer. Damaged or missing{lacking} parts{sections} of the choice or test broadcasting are basically calculated{charged} or are not credited. The return of test or choice broadcastings occurs always on the own danger{threat} of the customers.

The cancellation legal of the customers (with consumers) is not touched by these regulations{settlement} and counts{applies} independent of these.

10. We reserve ourselves the property in the product{ware} up to entire payment of the purchase price.

11. The lawful guarantee claims are entitled to the customer.

Nevertheless, to damage claims for damages counts{applies}:

Damage claims for damages of the customers, equally from which legal argument, are excluded{expelled}.

This does not count{apply}, as far as we are liable{stick} compellingly, e.g., according to the product liability law and also not in cases of the intention{design}, the coarse{rough} carelessness{negligence}, because of the culpable injury{violation} of the life, the body or the health or because of the injury{violation} of essential contract duties. Nevertheless, the damage claim for damages for the injury{violation} of essential contract duties (so-called cardinal's duties) is limited to the predictable damage{harm} typical for contract, untill intention{design} or coarse{rough} carelessness{negligence} is or is answered because of the injury{violation} of the life, the body or the health. A change of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the customers is not connected with the preceding regulations{settlement}.

The preceding liability rules also count{apply} to our lawful representatives or fulfilment assistants.

12. The restrictions of liability according to. Any{possible} claims from product liability do not concern figure{digit} 12.


Despite all care, it can come to the delivery to transport damage. In this case, we will of course refund you the damaged items for free.

Please note the following procedure:
If you want to return goods, please inform us beforehand by e-mail or telephone. Without prior notification, no returns are accepted. The statutory period of revocation according to § 355 BGB of 14 days remains unaffected. The registration of their return is necessary to the claim of Return to check.

14. Contract data storage:

The personal data of the customers and all data essential for the completion of the contract (name, address, product{ware}, terms of sale, AGB etc.) are stored with us. They are still callable away for 36 months after completion of the contract. If you liked to need these data or see, please sign us

Table tennis-on-line distribution

Meerdorfer Street 12

31224 Peine, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)5171/82237

e-mail: sportartikelvertrieb@t-online.de.de

14. It is worth the right{law} of the Federal Republic of Germany. The regulations{determinations} of the UN-purchase legal find no application.

15. Provided that the customer is a consumer and no enterpriser, he has a cancellation legal, as follows:

Cancellation legal
The customer has the right{law} to revoke this contract within fourteen days without information{service} of reasons{grounds}. The cancellation term amounts to fourteen days from the day in which the customer or one third party named by him{it}, is not the Beförderer which has taken the last product{ware} in possession.

To exercise{carry out} his{its} cancellation legal, the customer must us (table tennis-on-line distribution, Meerdorfer Str.12,31224 Peine, Germany, Tel. +49 (0)5171/82237 -  e-mail: sportartikelvertrieb@t-online.de) by means of an unequivocal explanation{statement} (e.g., a letter dispatched by post{mail}, telefax or e-mail) inform about his{its} decision to revoke this contract. The customer can use the pattern-cancellation form added below{at the bottom} for it{in return} which is not prescribed, nevertheless.

For the protection of the cancellation term it is sufficient that the customer sends{sends off} the communication about the exercise of the cancellation legal before the cancellation term.

Results{Successions} of the cancellation

If the customer revokes this contract, we have to him{it} all payments which we have received from him{it}, including the delivery expenses (with the exception of the additional costs{expenses} which arise{surrender} from the fact that he has chosen{elected} another kind{way} of the delivery than which from us given{declared}, most favorable standard delivery) to pay back immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day in which the communication about his{its} cancellation of this contract has come with us. For the repayment we use the same currency which the customer has used with the original transaction, unless, with him{it} something else{different} was expressly arranged; in no case remunerations are calculated{charged} for the customer because of this repayment. We can refuse the repayment, until we have got back the goods{commodities} again or to the customer to us the proof has produced that he has sent back the goods{commodities}, depending on if which is the earlier time.

The customer has the goods{commodities} immediately and, in any case, at the latest within fourteen days from the day in which he informs{teaches} us about the cancellation of this contract to send back to us or to hand over. The term is protected{upholded} if the customer sends{sends off} the goods{commodities} before the term of fourteen days.

We carry the immediate costs{expenses} of the return of the goods{commodities}, provided that the product{ware}
on account of her{their} state normally by post{mail} is sent back. With the goods{commodities} which cannot be sent back on account of her{their} state normally by post{mail} counts{applies}: the customer carries the immediate costs{expenses} of the return of the goods{commodities}; the costs{expenses} are estimated{guessed} at most about 90.-EUR.

The customer must arise for an any{possible} depreciation of the goods{commodities} only if this depreciation on one is not to be gone back to the check{test} of the state, qualities{properties} and functional wise of the goods{commodities} necessary contact with them.

End of the cancellation instruction

The cancellation legal passes accordingly §312 g paragraph 2 Civil Code and a. not with

To contracts for the delivery of the goods{commodities} which are not prefabricated and for their{her} production{achievement} an individual choice or regulation{determination} by the consumer is decisive or which are cut unambiguously on the personal needs{wants} of the consumer;

by the delivery of the sealed goods{commodities} which are not suitable for reasons of the health protection or the hygiene to the return if her{their} sealing was removed after the delivery;

To contracts for the delivery of goods{commodities} if these were mixed after the delivery on account of her{their} state inseparably with other goods.

Right of return You have 14 days right of return. Excluded from the right of return are special racket sprayers, large appliances (tables and robots) and flocked or printed goods. The products returned to us must of course be in perfect condition and are in original packaging.

Pattern{Sample} cancellation form:

Table tennis-on-line distribution

Meerdorfer Street 12

31224 Peine, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)5171/82237


Herewith I revoke (n) / we (*) from myself / to us (*) finished contract about the purchase of the following{next} goods{commodities}:

if necessary fars:

orders{appoints} in (*) / receive in (*):

Their{Her} name:

Their{Her} address:



(*) stroke{paint} the incorrect

Their{Her} table tennis-on-line distribution

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